[Engsub] The Interview - SNSD (DVD The Best)

SNSD is a gift to me. I think it was good fortune that I was able to get 8 family members.
- Jessica (via thegenerationofgirls)

@gg_official_jp:「アナザースカイ」観て頂いた皆さん、 ありがとうございました。「THE BEST」を聴いて頂いた方、ツアーに来て頂いた方、サポートして頂いた方。全てに感謝です!#少女時代 #TheBEST投票 #SNSD

track: Indestructible
artist: Girls' Generation
album: The BEST
play count: 21364
Anonymous: Dear amazing blogger... there's too much hate around sometimes, right? I don't like seeing people I adore getting hurt. So here's some anon love instead - thank you for being wonderful. You don't know it, but just by being here, you've given this shy little nobody a place to call home this past month. "When you smile, sun shines..." So please keep smiling. You probably won't ever notice me or know who I am but thank you for making me smile everyday with your posts anyway :) ~ The Lovely Anon ♡

Thank you so much, I needed so hard these words. I won’t forget anything about this ♥

Wow guys at the moment I’m not active as I would like here but you still following me and I’m so grateful that you still giving love to this blog. Thank you for being here and I hope we have more memories together ♥