okay guys it's time to say goodbye to this blog
snsd takes all of my time and now, thing that i can't believe, i have social life so i can't update this as i would like so i'm closing this. also now i know more about kpop and i like mooooore groups and i want to dedicate my life to them all so for that here's my multi-fandom (hyugin) to post edits, gif, etc of them and ofc snsd too
I STILL BEING A SONE NO MATTER WHAT, MY ROOM IS FULL OF THEM ♥ they're the first ones who started to stand in kpop (hyuna as solo but i didn't know he had a group in those times LOL) and they have a special place in my heart and life because i still thinking and loving every second
i was thinking to use this as multi-fandom but i think it's better don't touch it because who knows if i come back???????? who knows, life goes and goes on...
so thats's everything, congrats to read this all~ thanks to y'all for be there and GIRLS' GENERATION RIGHT NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!
*brb* leaving again my actual blog (i have the personal one too, so let's put them two):
let's see you in other times........... ^-^